Release Notes is our regular update that provides details of the latest features and product improvements. Here's what we are launching in November.


Video question retake

Following requests from some customers, we added the option to allow candidates to retake individual video questions, rather than having to complete the entire interview.

1. In the candidate application screen, click on the 'Options' button then 'Partial Retake'.

2. A dialogue box will open with a list of the questions for that interview.  Select the questions you want the candidate to retake, then click 'Confirm'.

3. This will change the candidate's status to 'Question Retake'. You can add a personalised email to this status. You can therefore configure your system such that candidates asked to re-take a question are automatically e-mailed a personalised message containing the link they can use to re-record an answer.

Important - Requesting a partial retake will delete the candidate's original answer, and the video will be replaced with the message 'Awaiting candidate retake'.

Multiple Correct Answers - Data Entry Question

With data entry questions candidate’s answers are marked against a correct answer defined when you set up your assessment. This is often used in conjunction with a simultaneous audio track e.g. “Please enter the post code the customer gives”, “How many years no claims bonus does the customer claim?”, etc.

We have now added the ability to define multiple correct answers for each answer. For example, if the correct answer to a question is 3 years, there are different ways a candidate may enter the correct answer e.g. 3 years, 3 yrs, three years and so on.

Now simply add multiple answers by separating each answer with a semicolon.

Improved set up help

Increasingly, we are seeing different browsers and operating systems act differently when setting up a candidate's camera and microphone at the start of a video interview.

To try and make the process easier for candidates, we have introduced browser and operating system specific technical support. Now if a candidate is using Google Chrome on a MacBook for instance, they will receive advice on setting up their camera and microphone that relates specifically to their configuration. 

Since introducing this, we have seen a fall in the number of candidates contacting our technical support team. However, we still have a few candidates that appear unable to follow the onscreen instructions and click 'Allow AND Remember'! 

We are developing a new technical support bot which will lead any candidate having an issue through a personalised, step by step guide to solving their problem. We plan to have this ready for release in early December. 

Have Your Say

We hope you find the updates and improvements we introduced this month of benefit. If there is anything else you'd like us to include in our roadmap, or if you've noticed an "opportunity for improvement", please do get in touch.  You can call us on 02922 331 888 or send an email to


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