Release Notes is our regular update that details the new features and product improvements. Here's what we are launching in July.


Audio Clips Added

We have introduced the option of adding audio clips to the media library. So, now you can upload audio clips and add them to questions and intermediary text in the same way you add a video clip. 

Audio files must be uploaded in the most common MP3 format.

Data Entry Question

With the addition of data entry questions, you can now test candidate data entry speed and accuracy. The questions can be automatically scored against a selected criteria. 

You give each field a label and enter a correct answer. The candidate has to enter the correct answer to get the marks. The answer has to be exactly the same, however, it is NOT case sensitive. 

When combined with the audio clip option described above, this is a great way to assess a candidate's ability to listen and enter data accurately, perfect for many contact centre roles. 

Anonymous Assessments

With more of you looking to use Tazio for employee feedback and engagement surveys, we've added the option of making your assessment anonymous. 

When selected, employees are not required to log in or create an account to complete your assessment. Instead, respondents are assigned a unique ID. 

Answer Times

We now display the time a candidate has taken to answer a question in the application screen. You will see the time they took displayed in the top right corner of each answer. The format is in minutes and seconds i.e. 01:25. 

We also indicate if the candidate has reloaded the question at any point while answering, by putting a * after the time. i.e. 01:25 *

Important Note: The question may have been reloaded for a number of reasons. For example, if the candidate lost internet connection, or their phone started ringing while taking the assessment.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an awesome online automation tool that allows you to connect the apps and software you use every day to automate tasks. By combining the power of Zapier with Tazio, you can now integrate with hundreds of apps in minutes.  

Contact Tim Smith ( to request an API key and find out how easy it is to connect Tazio with your other apps using Zapier.


As well adding great new features, we work tirelessly to continually improve Tazio and address any "opportunities for improvement" we come across. 

This month, we've made minor changes to the interview set up and the way the audio test works to make it more logical and less confusing. We've also removed the option to add thinking time to all question types apart from video questions. This helps to improve the candidate experience. 

In the Assessment Builder, we've changed the way you set the answer times for questions to a single drop-down list. This makes it faster and easier to select the desired answer time. You do loose the ability to set an exact answer time, such as 37 seconds for example, however, as 99% of you use rounded times, we don't think this will be too much of an issue. 

In the Media Library, to coincide with the addition of audio clips we've simplified the type of media options. So rather that differentiate the types of videos, there is now simply Audio, Image or Video.

Finally, we've increased the size of the videos in the interview app so they are more prominent.  

Have Your Say

We hope you find the updates and improvements we introduced this month of benefit. If there is anything else you'd like us to include in our roadmap, or if you've noticed an "opportunity for improvement", please do get in touch.  You can call us on 02922 331 888 or send an email to

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