We're currently working on improving the level data visualisation and reporting within Tazio.  Our objective is to make it is easier for customers to gain greater insight into the wealth of data captured by Tazio. 

To ensure we deliver the improvements and new features which make your life easier and add value, we love to hear your thoughts and views. Below are series of images showing the new designs we have come up with so far.  

New Candidate Overview

The images show the proposed new candidate view. This screen has two tabs, the first tab, (shown above) provides an over of the candidate's application and their performance.  The second tab will display the candidate's answers to each question as it currently does. 

Assessment overview screen

The new assessment overview screen is designed to provide a quick view of the key information about to an assessment, display the main statistics, and show a series of data graphs relating to the assessment. See image below:

Section A - of the screen shows the basic information about the assessment.  

Section B  - has four panels that show the vital statistics - the number of candidates invited, the number of completed applications etc. Each of the blue numbers is a clickable link which loads a filtered list.

Section C - displays a series of data visualisation graphs. 

Section D - is home to secondary more general information, such as completion rate, average score etc. 

We plan to develop a series reports/graphs that will be displayed in Section C. Below are our initial ideas: 

Applications submitted - filtered over selectable time frames

Percentile scores - filtered over selectable time frames

Raw scores - filtered over selectable time frames

Score distribution for a selected criteria

Score distribution for multiple criteria

Applications by time

Question analysis

Reviewer analysis

These are only a few examples of the sort of thing that is possible. We would love to hear your feedback on which, if any of these you feel would be helpful, Also, please do tell us what reports you'd like to see. 

We intend to make these graphs highly configurable, so that we can build bespoke graphs for specific customer requirements. 

Id love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so please drop me an email at tom.stroud@tazio.co.uk or give me a call on 02922 331 888.

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