We recognise that every customer will want to use Tazio slightly differently. Our flexibility is one of our greatest strengths. 

As a result, we don't offer one size fits all pricing. Instead, we create a tailored pricing plan that perfectly matches your unique requirements. 

However, the one thing you can be assured of is 'Buying Tazio will save you significantly more than it costs'. The majority of our customers see a return on their investment within a couple of months, some in a few weeks! 

To request a quote give us a call on 02922 331 888 or email sales@tazio.co.uk to get started.

Additional questions and answers

How is pricing calculated?
The price you pay is based on a number of factors. We create a tailored pricing plan to match your specific needs and budget. This approach ensures you always get the best value for money.

What pricing models do you offer?
You can have a monthly rolling contract, an annual subscription, or single campaign pricing. You choose the plan that suits you best.

What are the payment options?
You can pay by Credit or Debit Card. For single campaigns and annual plans, you can also pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Is there someone to help me get started?
Absolutely! Although Tazio is really easy to use, we provide full training and help getting started with one of the Tazio experts. And if you're ever stuck, we're only ever a call or email away.

Am I committed to a long-term contract?
Absolutely not. With our monthly accounts, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time. If you pay annually, tell us one month before your annual renewal and we'll update or close your account.

What if my needs change?
No problem. You can upgrade your plan or purchase additional assessments at any time to meet your needs.

Where is my data stored?
All your data is stored right here in the UK in Rackspace's PCI DSS, ISO27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II UK data centres.

Who owns the data?
All data and videos are owned by you. Tazio will never use, share or sell your data. We will only ever contact your candidates to provide technical support.

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