Once you have created and published your assessment, you're now ready to invite candidates. Tazio gives you two ways to do this. 

Assessment Link

When you save your assessment Tazio creates a unique assessment link, it will look something like this:


You can send this link to candidates by email, SMS or post it to your careers site or job board advert. When a candidate clicks on the link they will be sent to the log in screen for your assessment. 

Any candidate who follows the link will be able to create an account and complete your assessment unless you have ticked the 'Private Assessment' option. In this case, you can restrict access to a list of candidates, details of how you do this are provided below. 

Invite Candidates

We have recently added a new feature which enables you to send email invites and reminders to candidates from Tazio. 

From the Assessment table, click on the name or reference of the assessment to which you want to invite candidates. This will open the Assessment overview screen. Click on the 'Invite Candidates' button. 

Firstly, you will be presented with a list of available candidates and the option to add a candidate or upload a list of candidates. Selecting a candidate from the list, adding or uploading candidates will add them to the invite list. 

Adding a candidate

You can add individual candidates to the invite list who are not already in Tazio.

Click on the 'Add Candidate' button and enter the candidate's First Name, Surname and Email Address, then click the 'Save' button. 

Importing multiple candidates

If you want to add candidates in bulk, you can import their details from a CSV file. The file needs to include columns with First Name, Surname and Email Address. 

To import candidates, click on the 'Import Candidates' button. This will open a new window. Click on the 'Browse' button to select the file with your list of candidates.  

You will now see a preview of candidate data. Make sure the correct columns map to the appropriate field. When you're ready, click the 'Import' button.  

Important Note:
At this stage, you have added candidates to the invite list, however, you haven't yet sent them an email. 

Click on the 'Manage Emails' tab and you will see a screen to format the email invite and email reminders. Complete the 'Email Subject' and 'Email Body' text for both the 'Invite' and the 'Reminder' emails. 

Under 'Schedule' you can set the frequency of reminders, every three days, for example, as well as the maximum number of reminders sent. 

Click the 'Save as Default' checkbox to save your templates for use in the future. 

Note: Each user can save their own default invite and reminder emails.  

Once you are happy with your email templates, click on the 'Send Emails', and the list of candidates selected will be sent your email. 

Under the 'Manage Invites' you will see a table of candidates you've added to the invite list. Under 'Status' you will see the current stage the candidate's invite is at. These are 'Permitted', 'Invite Sent', 'Reminders Sent', 'Assessment Started' and 'Unsubscribed'. 

Add Candidates to a Private Assessment

If you want to limit access to your assessment to approved candidates only, you can use the 'Private Assessment' option when creating your assessment. 

If you prefer to send candidates the assessment link using your ATS, or Outlook, then you still need to add the candidates to the invite list, to allow them to access the assessment.

To add candidates to a Private Assessment, simply follow the steps described above for adding candidates to the invite list. You have the same option to send them an email invitation and reminders.  

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