In this video we talk you through setting up your camera and microphone using Safari. This video is for users with macOS Sierra and High Sierra and Safari 11 or newer. 

Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to talk you through setting up your camera and microphone in Safari.

After creating your account and logging in, you will be asked to set up your camera, microphone and check your audio levels. Click the 'Start Set Up' button. The connect your camera panel will expand, you should see a pop up message ‘Do you want to trust the website to use the Adobe Flash Player plug-in?'

Click on the 'Trust' button and your browser will refresh. Click on the 'Start Set Up' button again and the 'Adobe Flash Player Settings' dialogue box will now appear in the centre of the screen. Click on the 'Allow' and 'Remember' option, then you should see a preview from your camera. Shortly after the 'Next' button will appear. 

Now you’ve connected your camera, let’s move on to connecting your microphone. Click the Next button and the 'Connect your microphone' panel will expand. You will see a microphone icon for each of the microphones you have connected to your computer. Say something in your normal speaking voice and the 'Next' button should appear. 

If the red error message “We're not detecting any sound from this microphone. Please speak up, or select another microphone” remains on, you may need to select another microphone, or adjust the input levels for your microphone. Search for, 'adjusting your microphone', in the Tazio helpdesk for a step by step guide for your computer and operating system. 

You now need to complete a quick audio level check to make sure you can be heard clearly. Click on the Record Test button and say the "Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". At the end of the recording you will hear your recording played back. You can adjust your recording level and re-record the test until you’re happy you can be heard clearly. 


If the 'Adobe Flash Player Settings' dialogue box does not appear and instead a red box with the message ‘Your image should appear here’, it could be that Flash is blocked. Firstly, click 'Safari' in the browser toolbar, you may have to mouse over the top of the screen for the toolbar to appear. Click on 'Preferences'. Click on the 'Websites' tab. In the left-hand panel click on 'Adobe Flash Player' under 'Plug-ins'. 

In the right-hand panel a list of ‘Currently Open Websites’ will appear, next to '' click on the drop-down and select ‘On’. 

If you’re still not seeing the 'Adobe Flash Player Settings' dialogue box, click on the 'Apple' icon and then 'System Preferences'. Click on 'Flash Player', usually at the bottom of the panel. Click on the ‘Camera and Mic’ tab. Select the ‘Ask me when a site wants to use the camera and microphone (recommend) option. Then click on the 'Camera and Microphone Setting by Site…' button. A list of websites will appear, look for a site ending in '' and under HTTPS and Other change to Allow. Click the Close button.

If you’re not seeing a preview and the 'Next' button, it could be that your camera is allocated to another app, such as Skype or FaceTime. The easiest way to solve this is to restart your computer and start the set up process again. 

Finally, if you’re still not getting a camera preview, it may be that your camera is not working or isn’t correctly configured. Check to see if your camera is working in another video app, such as Skype or FaceTime.

That’s the end of the set up process. Best of luck with your interview.

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