You can complete an assessment or interview using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. To complete a video interview, you will also need a built in camera and microphone or USB webcam.

We recommend you use a broadband internet connection with at least 500kbps upload speed available. You can use a 3G or 4G connection, however, these are more unstable which can lead to breaks in the video recording.

You can use any up to date web browser, however, we're unable to support some of the old versions of web browsers. So for the best experience, we recommend you update your browser to the most recent release. The table below details the oldest versions of browsers we know support the full range of features

Desktop Browsers                   Release
Chrome                                     10 or above.
Firefox                                       28 or above
Internet Explorer                      10 or above
Safari                                         5.1 or above
Opera                                        12 or above

Tablet Browsers                       Release
Chrome                                     52 or above.
Firefox Mobile                          24 or above
Internet Explorer                      10 or above
iOS                                            6 or above
Opera Mobile                           12 or above 

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